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Surrendering a pet...


Ninna’s Road to Rescue is primarily a small-breed dog rescue.  If we are unable help you, we will give you alternative rescues and other options to help you find your pet a home OR we can network your animal privately to other rescue groups; however, we cannot guarantee they will be able to help.  Please give us 24-48 hours to respond.  We are all volunteers!


PICTURES - READ!!   Please be sure to include GREAT and CLEAR pictures!  You MUST take the time to send GOOD pictures.  If you expect a rescue to help...  they will expect you to take the time to get good pictures.  If you send blurry, dark or unflattering photos, you likely won't get any interest. 


Tips to take a good photo

  1. Don't take overhead pictures. Get on the pet's level. Make a squeaky noise to make the pet perk up their ears and maybe even cock their head.

  2. Don't take pictures of pets behind a fence... jumping on a fence... looking wild. This WILL NOT get your pet into a rescue.

  3. Check the surroundings in your picture. You want the pet to be the focus... not a trashy or cluttered background.

  4. Get a great head shot and one or two great body shots.

  5. If your pet is difficult to hold still, have someone have the dog on a leash OR wait until the dog is sleeping and then make a squeaky noise so he or she will lift their head to look at you. You'll need to be quick.


​​Before contacting us, PLEASE be sure that you’ve thought out your decision to re-home your pet. Whether we agree to take your pet into our rescue or give you other options, we do put a lot of effort into the process so we ask that you are not only sure, but serious.

Note:  We are no longer accepting cats. Below are some area resources that can help you with a feline. Click on their links, which lead to their Facebook page, for more information. 

Shreveport Bossier Animal Rescue

Port City Cat Rescue

Rockers Rescue

Serendipity Cat Rescue

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