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We LOVE our volunteers!  We have approximately 40 volunteers... mostly women... and sprinkled with a few men.  They are the foundation of our rescue.  They each have high standards of pet ownership and animal welfare, which is what we require to volunteer at our rescue.  We do get many people wanting to volunteer, but our rescue is not just about volunteering, but advocating the same mindset and values we support and extend to the public.


Volunteers at NR2R must advocate and practice: 


  • Spaying and neutering. In order to volunteer at NR2R, all the animals in your household must be spayed/neutered, unless there is a specific veterinary-recommended reason they cannot be s/n’d.   With 92,000 animals being euthanized in our state every year, we are HEAVY advocates of spaying and neutering and DO NOT condone breeding at all.

  • If you own dogs, your dogs must be on a monthly heartworm preventive.  Dogs get heartworms from mosquitoes and heartworms are epidemic in this area.  Without a monthly heartworm preventive that you get from your vet, your dog(s) will get heartworms.  Many of the dogs that come to our rescue have heartworms.  If you don’t provide your dogs a monthly heartworm preventive, you can’t volunteer at our rescue.

  • People that view pets as disposable can’t volunteer at our rescue.

  • This goes without saying, but animal abusers cannot volunteer at our rescue.

  • People that don’t treat their pets with the same respect, dignity, and care they would expect of themselves…  cannot volunteer at our rescue.

  • People whose intentions to volunteer are not sincere, but have an ulterior motive, cannot volunteer at our rescue.

  • If a potential volunteer has ever surrendered a PERSONAL pet (not a stray) to a kill shelter, they are not what we’re looking for.


Most of our volunteers range in age from 30 plus years old.  You must be 21, or older to volunteer and we look for mature adults to volunteer. Animals have no voice… we are their voice.  As such, we look for people that speak for those that cannot speak for themselves… by practicing and advocating responsible pet ownership.


If you fit our mindset, we’d love to have you as a volunteer!   We are an amazing diverse group that love and care about the animals as if they were our own personal pets!   Hours of operation are 7 days a week, 9-4pm.    Days are split into shifts:  9-1 and 1-4pm, with morning shift being the most labor intensive due to having to clean from the night before.   Please complete the Volunteer Application / Release form and we'll be in touch!  Thank you!

​​Help make a difference and sign up to volunteer today!


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